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Welcome to Method Aesthetics & Wellness’ blog! We are so excited to re-start this blog. Please let me start with a short introduction, history and our goals.

Method Aesthetics & Wellness is a Spa located in Wexford, Pa. We are not your typical spa and our name “Method” says it all. There is history behind that word: We chose Method because it conveys the message that there is significance to every step of our processes and procedures. Our treatments are specifically customized to each client’s individual needs and desired outcomes, therefore creating the “Method”. We also utilize the significance of the butterfly koi fish which is closely associated with that of water; the bringer of life and abundance, and one that, in Chinese medicine and feng shui, is often associated with “absorbing negative energy” from its environment; thereby improving the environment and life of those in its proximity.

Observation of fish in aquariums has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower heart rate. For that reason, the Method office was designed around a 100-gallon aquarium that takes center stage in its reception and waiting area.

We consider the time each client is waiting and observing the aquarium to be the first phase of any treatment.

As you can see the thought of you and your Aesthetics and Wellness journey begins the moment you step into our office. Here at Method we believe that your health and wellness are an extremely important part of your aesthetics. We know that if you feel good you look good, when you look good you feel good. Your whole well being is our focus. So as you will see in our future blogs, we will be offering information on every aspect of your life! Our goal is to help you with your personal journey for daily improvement to your total Aesthetics, Health and Wellness!


Welcome and we look forward to walking this path with you!

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